Weekly Meditation – pOrtal ONLINE

Wed, 29 April, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

pOrtal - Kunsang Yeshe's virtual gompa


 When we meditate, there’s respite from our resistant thought, and the negativity that accompanies them, allowing our natural clarity and love to flood our mind with joy. Meditating every day will allow us to become familiar with feelings of self-worth, satisfaction with all conditions and expanding our horizons

Each session stands alone so join at any time. Presented in an accessible style these sessions are suitable for everyone whether Buddhist or not!

Online class, access via pOrtal button below

Cost: as an introduction to our portal, this week’s classes are free.

The class will be streamed at the advertised time, then you will be able to revisit it at any time before the next class – perfect for practising at home!

Ven-Paldron-269x300Teacher: Venerable Paldron is a senior nun with extensive life experience as well as familiarity with different aspects of Dharma gained over more than 40 years of practice. Venerable Paldron is particularly skilled in relating Dharma to everyday life. More…

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