Venerable Yonten: The 12 Links: breaking through distorted emotional patterns


Sun, 3 September, 2017
10:30 am - 5:30 pm



The 12 Links: breaking through distorted emotional patterns

How are patterns and habits created? What drives and maintains them? Which ones are worth keeping and strengthening and which do ourselves and others a dis-service? Can we change, fundamentally, from the inside out or is true that you “can’t teach and old dog new tricks.”?

This course will go in depth into the 12 Links of dependent arisings, an elaborated explanation of the Four Noble Truths, Buddha’s first teaching after his awakening. Drawing directly from Sutra into our daily lives comes this timeless teaching on transformation.

Teacher: Venerable Yonten is known for her fresh, modern approach and warm, engaging teaching style as well as her depth of knowledge and understanding. She is currently the teacher in residence at Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity in New Zealand and is a faculty member of Human Spirit: Psychoanalytic-Buddhist Training Program in Lod, Israel.

Tickets:  $55/$50 includes lunch and refreshments.

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