Tara Puja

Thangka painting of Creen Tara

Thu, 8 August, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Escarpments Estate (formerly Katoomba Golf Club)


Tara is a Buddha in female form who represents the skilful activities of all enlightened beings. Contemplating Tara brings quick results in whatever we want and need, up to the ultimate happiness of enlightenment, as well as bringing temporal benefits of this life relating to work, business, family, relationships, etc.

Known as the ‘Mother of all Buddhas’, Tara awakens and helps fulfil our potential to attain enlightenment. Taking part in this practice enables us to develop Tara’s energy within us, which is the energy of our own active compassion and wisdom.

The  puja is recited/chanted mainly in English and everyone is invited to attend, bringing some lovely biscuits, flowers or fruit with you for the altar offerings.

Unable to attend a Puja? You can still request special dedication prayers for yourself or someone you know. Send us your prayer dedication names to info@kunsangyeshe.com.au. Consider making a small donation and we’ll buy special offerings on your behalf. Let us know at which specific puja you’d like us to dedicate these special prayers on your behalf.