Saka Dawa: Guru Shakyamuni Buddha Puja

Tue, 29 May, 2018
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre 137 Narrow Neck Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780


Saka Dawa is the most important Tibetan Buddhist festival day, celebrating Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana. Buddhists around the world engage in many auspicious and merit-making activities such as sponsoring or engaging in beneficial pujas, practices, and prayers. Lama Zopa Rinpoche has explained that karmic results are multiplied by one hundred million!

Please join us for Guru Shakyamuni Buddha Puja with recitation of the Sutra Remembering the Three Jewels. Everybody is invited. There is no facility fee. Please bring flowers, fruit or delicious treats to  offer on the altar.

For more information about Saka Dawa and the many activities conducted or sponsored by the FPMT to mark the holy day, including suggestions for personal practice, see here.