Refuge & Ritual in Tibetan Buddhism BOOKINGS NOW OPEN

Lamps offered for puja

Sat, 14 March, 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Escarpments Estate (formerly Katoomba Golf Club)


Refuge is a central practice in all Buddhist traditions, traditionally considered the point at which one becomes Buddhist. What exactly does that mean? What difference does it make? What is expected of one who takes refuge? What actually happens in the refuge ceremony?

The use of ritual has long been seen as a hallmark of the Tibetan tradition, especially as an element of Tantric practice. It is always meaningful, always a way of developing the mind, often misunderstood and includes pujas and initiations.

If you have ever wondered about the place of Tantra in the Tibetan tradition, particularly pujas and initiations, their purpose and benefits, what happens or who is eligible to participate, this workshop with Geshe Tsundu is the ideal opportunity to have your questions answered. It is especially timely because Lama Zopa Rinpoche  is going to conduct initiations of Yellow Tara and of Amitayus here in April.

Venerable Geshe Ngawang Tsundu is an experienced and very knowledgeable ritual master. He has been asked to lead and teach about traditional rituals and prayer ceremonies both in his own monastery and in the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Thupten Yeshe will provide English translation.

Open to all, highly recommended for everybody considering attending the initiations.

Facility fee including refreshments and light lunch: $55, members & concession $50