Losar Tibetan New Year & Lama Yeshe Day

Tue, 9 February, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre



Light Offerings & Special Guru Puja

Losar New Year is traditionally spent purifying negative actions accumulated during the past year and engaging in auspicious actions for the coming year. Lama Yeshe, founder of FPMT – the worldwide organisation Kunsang Yeshe Centre belongs to, passed away on Losar in 1984 so we commemorate his extraordinary life in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West with these merit making activities.


Everyone is invited to join us as we dedicate for the flourishing of the Dharma & our Centre here in the Blue Mountains. Join with us tonight to celebrate & bring along some fruit, flowers or other food offerings for the altar.