Lama Tsongkhapa Day puja

Je Tsongkhapa thangka

Sun, 2 December, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre 137 Narrow Neck Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780


Lama Tsongkhapa Day (Ganden Ngamchoe)

The brilliant and highly realised fourteenth century scholar-yogi Je Tsongkhapa is one of the great luminaries of Tibetan Buddhism. He was the author of many profound texts and extensive explanations. Je Tsongkhapa is regarded as the founder of the Gelug school. For more information about him, see here

Light offeringsGuru puja with tsog

Light offerings are traditionally associated with Ganden Ngamchoe. Now we can safely multiply them by using LED lights in place of lamps or candles, in accordance with Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche’s advice:

“The center’s students can hang up as many Christmas lights as possible… You can hang lights around the center buildings, like a net of light offerings that cover a whole wall, outside and inside… Or you can hang lights over the trees and bushes or in the garden around the center.”

Between now and the 12th you are very welcome to arrange battery or solar Christmas lights all through the the Centre garden, draping the shrubs, wrapping tree trunks or garlanding the outside of the house. (Please make sure they are LEDs not the old incandescent globes, which can get very hot. We don’t want any risk of fire!)

During the evening practice all the lights, inside the gompa and out, will be offered together.

Unable to attend? You can still join in by requesting special dedication prayers for yourself or someone you know. Send us your prayer dedication names to Consider contributing lights or a small donation with which we will purchase offerings on your behalf.