Guru Puja Tsog

Shakyamuni Buddha

Wed, 2 August, 2017
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



A puja is a ritualistic celebration of offerings and prayers, an essential part of which is making a spiritual connection with one’s inner essence. The word puja means “to please” and has the connotation to please through offerings and practice.

The practice involves recitations, prayers and meditation and always results in the generation of good energy. With good motivation, pujas will bring about positive transformations in the mind and can definitely help to overcome problems and hardships.

Guru Puja Tsog

Guru Puja is traditionally celebrated on the 10th and 25th days of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar month. The puja runs for approximately 60 minutes and everyone is invited.

The Guru Puja practice provides us with a unique opportunity to come together in Dharma friendship and share in the joyful and meritorious activity of offering thanksgiving to all our kind teachers.

It lays the foundation of the whole path to enlightenment on our mind stream, connects us more strongly to our teachers, allows us to accumulate skies of merit and purifies eons of negative karma.  The text is available at the Centre and is conducted in both English and Tibetan, commencing 5.30pm and finishing around 6.30pm.

Please bring some biscuits, flowers or fruit for the Altar Offerings. These are distributed to everyone at the conclusion of the puja.

Unable to attend any Puja? You can still join in by requesting special dedication prayers for yourself or someone you know. Send us your prayer dedication names to Consider making a small donation and we’ll buy special offerings on your behalf. Let us know at which specific puja you’d like us to dedicate these special prayers on your behalf.