An Introduction to the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life with Ven. Chokyi

Sun, 25 September, 2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Sunday 25 September: An Introduction
Sunday 30 October: Deepening the Experience
Sunday 27 November: Living the 16 Guidelines in Daily Life

This series of three Sunday workshops will explore the 16 Guidelines for a happy life – a set of practical, straightforward tools for developing happiness and meaning in everyday life.

Inspired by a 7th century Tibetan text, they offer a presentation of universal wisdom about how we think, act, relate to others and make meaning in the world. These workshops are suitable for people of all ages, cultures and traditions.

The guidelines are grounded in the belief that positive change in society starts with each one of us. The guidelines offer powerful practices to cultivate emotional and social awareness,our capacity to be kind and wise and to develop happiness and meaning on our life and the lives of those around us. The more happy and fulfilled we are, the more chance we have to build a just and peaceful world.

Facility Cost: $85/75 members includes lunch & refreshments

Online bookings essential
Affordable overnight accommodation at the Centre is available if you’d like a weekend of fresh mountain air with your day at the workshop. Please see our Accommodation page.


Teacher: Venerable Chokyi                                    

Thubten Chokyi completed the 16 Guidelines facilitator training in 2010 and the Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training [CEBTT] with Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman in 2012.

Venerable Chokyi is a highly esteemed teacher of Buddhism at the FPMT centre Vajrayana Institute in Sydney. She has been a visiting teacher at Kunsang Yeshe for many years. To see what other courses Venerable Chokyi is teaching in Sydney, visit