Venerable Ayya Yeshe: Social Engagement, Peace & Self-Care

Ven. Ayya Yeshe

Sun, 30 July, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Social Engagement, Peace & Self-Care

Transform the World from the inside out.

Ayya Yeshe draws upon Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, the Bodhisattva ideal and her own personal experience as Director of a Socially Engaged Buddhist Charity in the slums of Central India.

Be inspired to explore inner values, potential and transformation in life.

Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta is the author of ‘Everyday Enlightenment‘ published by Harper Collins and is featured in the documentaries ‘life beyond the begging bowl‘ and ‘Through the Eastern Gate‘. She is also made a Buddhist chanting CD with one of Australia’s top world music groups – India Jiva called ‘Dakini’.

Cost: $40 includes lunch and refreshments. Limited Seating, Bookings Essential