Introduction to Buddhism

Wed, 13 December, 2017
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Centre 137 Narrow Neck Rd, Katoomba NSW 2780


New to Buddhism? Or perhaps wanting an overview to make more sense of what you have read or heard so far? This new series of classes, based on the FPMT course Buddhism in a Nutshell, may be just what you need!

Basic Buddhist concepts and principles will be systematically presented in the Tibetan Mahayana context and explored through discussion and simple meditations.

Topics will include:

  • what is Buddhism, who was the Buddha and what does it mean to say one is a Buddhist?
  • what is Dharma: understanding the teachings?
  • the fundamentals of karma
  • the Four Noble Truths
  • death and impermanence

Venerable Paldron




Teacher: Ven Paldron-la is a senior nun with extensive life experience as well as familiarity with different aspects of Dharma gained over more than 40 years of practice.

Cost: General $15 / Member $13.50. Morning tea is included, between the two Wednesday morning classes, for anybody coming to either or both.